Happy Birthday Seelan!



Despite all the worldly riches, he remains humble

Can handle well, even few gallons of Chivas Regal*

Everything he creates is perfect, legal, and beautiful

Wish a Happy Birthday to my noble friend, Seelan

Not sending you a pricey diamond

Nor other expensive gift, either

A tiny note to say that I remember

Your β€˜Big day’ My mate very dear

*(Chivas Regal 25: Created using whiskies aged at least 25 years; available only in limited quantities with a retail price of $300)

Ariya, 21st January 2017


Special Message from Praxy

Oh Seelan dear Seelan your birthday is here.
We are sorry that we are unable to be near.
But Ranjit and I are sending best wishes to you .
Along with friends you met at our wonderful RU.
Cheers 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈.🎈.May the good Lord bless and keep you till we meet again 😊.


Praxy and Ranjit.

Special Message from Deepthie

:IMG_0352 - Copy-cc

Hey my dear Seelan !

Here it comes on The Wings of Eagledeepthie !!

I am a bit late on this GREETING , as I was watching the Trump Affair –

Another Historical Day- like the day YOU came to this world, Trump came to
The World !!!

Eagledeepthie is wishing you ALL THE VERY BEST FOR THE COMING YEAR, AND

The fox photos- taken in my back yard right on jan 21- 2105, and on nov 24-
The Snowy Owl- jan 6- 2017- near where I live — the greeting to all
January Babies !
The Chickadee birds- I feed on my back deck – taken 10 days ago .
Bald eagle- near my home- dec 16- 2016 . taking a good look at all of us



13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Seelan!

  1. Extremely good. I don’t know how you do these.

    From: “News ,Views and More from the “Class of 64” To: swarnag_2000@yahoo.com Sent: Friday, 20 January 2017, 20:13 Subject: [New post] Happy Birthday Seelan! #yiv3843219497 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3843219497 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3843219497 a.yiv3843219497primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3843219497 a.yiv3843219497primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3843219497 a.yiv3843219497primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3843219497 a.yiv3843219497primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3843219497 WordPress.com | painrxsam posted: ”Β Despite all the worldly riches, he remains humbleCan handle well, even few gallons of Chivas Regal*Everything he creates is perfect, legal, and beautifulWish a Happy Birthday to my noble friend, SeelanNot sending you a pricey diamondNor othe” | |


  2. Thanks a million Swarna, for your lovely quote
    Gives much inspiration to do better, please note
    Leafy buds of communication, among batch mates
    Pleasing to see grow and gives satisfaction immense


    • Thanks Praxy.
      I like your verse to Seelan too
      Is our project reaching tickety boo
      All your guidance, commitment and help
      Seem to be flourishing and big thanks to you


  3. Hey Seelan !
    My very Special Birthday Greeting to you, will come via Sam on the blog , for All the World to See- what a GREAT guy we have in you.

    I was a bit late on sending this, as I was watching another Great Event unfold ( Trump Inaugeration ) on tv .
    Your Birthday is a BIGGER deal for the Class of 64, than the other ‘Event’ that is unfolding here , south of the border !
    However, I sent my greetings to you, as a personal note, just in case, it does not get to the blog on time .

    Deepthie —


    • Dear Deepthie,
      You photos are fantastic. I think you missed your vocation in life…you should have been a photographer and not a doctor. Love. Praxy.


  4. Hi Seelan,
    Not to be outdone by others, I also would like to pen my rather belated B’day wishes to you.
    Why stick to Chivas Regal, go for the Johnny Walker blue label. It goes down a treat.


  5. The text for the Red Fox Birthday Greeting Story to Seelan .

    Eagle – , On Eagle Wings from Eagledeepthie. comes very special Birthday Greetings to you Seelan !

    Snowy Owl- From The Snow Country to Down Under– Birthday Greetings !

    A Wise Old Eagle and a Wise Old Owl keeping tabs on you!!!

    Fox sitting on the rock- and fox looking at the camera where is my Chevas ?.

    Chickadee bird feeding – Ok- here is a little treat for you, till the Chevas arrives .

    Fox Sleeping – a good nap after a good drink of Chevas !!

    somehow, the ‘text’ for the photos did not come through in the blog .

    praxy- thanks for the complement !
    you can recognize the place- nothing has changed, since you last visited here, 7 yrs ago .

    Seelan- could you believe it- the Fox photos were taken on your b;day -21 jan – 2016 !!
    you can see the dates on the fox sleeping, and fox standing, looking at the camera and making eye contact with me . I was about 15 ft from the fox- when I took this photo around 4 pm that winter morning .
    The other two pics- sleeping and sitting on the rock, taken from inside the house .
    sitting on the rock- taken on nov 24- 2016-


    eagledeepthie .


  6. Hi folks — small error correction .
    I took the photo of the fox standing on 21 jan -2016- at 4 pm that winter AFTERNOON and not morning as I said in the previous post .
    A grey cell fell off while typing this !!!
    – need more coffee to wake up here in Ontario, Canada- it still early morning here- just past 7 am .
    deepthie .


  7. Deepthie,Your prose on account of Seelan’s birthday is brilliant

    As it has a special flavour by using the fauna and flora apparent

    It must be a treat to live surrounded by with such beautiful creatures

    Like to know how red fox, wise old owl and the bald eagle think of you

    A brilliant photographer with encyclopaedic knowledge on creatures

    Baila Kumari of the batch, competent flutist, proficient in natives languages & songs

    A greatest think you do to the batch is showing these pretty creatures in their habitats

    Probably there’s nothing in the world ‘our eagle’ does not have expertise, is my guess



  8. Hey My dear Ariya !
    I am a Jack of ALL Trades / total Non conformist / Activist / Nature Buff / just going around with my little pocket point and shoot digital camera, AND- a Master of None !!

    Just get lucky you know- being in the right place at the right time .
    Yes- perhaps my feathered friends and the four legged, seem to’ know ‘me too .
    Who knows, in my previous life, I may have been one of them …ie if you believe in Re- Incarnation,like I do .

    That is why I am a bit ‘out of the ordinary ‘ !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bohoma Isthuthie – eagledeepthie .

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