Golden Years, time to enjoy lives- Ariya

Golden Years, time to enjoy lives

Once we’ve overcome the desire to impress colleagues, friends and others
Once our worth is recognised by the kith and kin and the adversaries
Once have amassed enough wealth to outlast health bills and other needs
Surely then is the time to take a back seat, have a laugh and enjoy our lives

Once the desperate need to be competitive, ‘charming and exciting’ has passed,
It is easier to lean back, laugh at everything including ourselves and enjoy life
Could be most satisfying when the oldies, especially because they’ve have learned,
There is no shame in laughing at own mistakes and even being the butt of jokes

We’ve driven down many of life’s tough, rocky and bumpy roads,
Know what should not concern us and what cannot be resolved
With a smile of acceptance, for those who say life is too tricky,
Should live the life to the full, on experiences we have gathered.

With age comes experience and with it we accrue the wisdom,
To know things that matter and help us as we are no humdrum
Have learned a lot already in life, but have not stopped learning yet
Will certainly find the path to avoid mistakes and reach our own goals.

After many years we can deal with most obstacles, thrown on our way
Knowing exactly who we are and what our wants, less likely to fall prey,
to vulgarity of a bloke or a damsel, from our path we are unlikely to sway
As we have the knowledge and power to change but if all fail, we can pray

Once upon a time, sure all we did was to chase precision
That province now is left to our younger generation
They have plenty of time to dabble and for realization
Of folly of beating the rest, in the name of perfection

We should even enjoy little faults of our own and in people close to us,
There will then not be a shortage of supply of pleasurable moments
It is hard to admit, our body is not as strong as it used to be,
Having served many years, shouldn’t ask for more, than it can give.

Long time ago we have learned, no good will come
By comparing with others brilliant efforts& outcome
We have released ourselves from feeling undue pressure,
of competition, the cause of anxiety is defunct and gone.

There is a great relief, knowing that at this stage of our lives
Can focus on what we like and no envy nor emotions negative
We know our worth, if others do not know, it is their problem
Not something over which should lose sleep nor lose our emblem

When we were young, older folks used to look surly at us in envy
Today we know, none is immune from aging even ones quite savvy
We all like to blow off some steam, even though been quite old
No need to change habits, to show temper should not be afraid

We have raised our children, fed and clothed them
Many long years we have lost, lot of our good time
Finally have the space to do things in our own pace.
Time is now to learn about nature or read all the books




8 thoughts on “Golden Years, time to enjoy lives- Ariya

  1. Dear Ariya, lovely poem. You are soooooo talented.
    Keep up the good work. Your idea has helped us to communicate with most of our batch mates. This was evident in the Birthday messages that Ranjit received for his birthday at with the weekend. Once we think we have got the almost full list you can circulate it to all the mates so that they can send each other birthday cards when appropriate. Cheers. Praxy


    • Thanks Praxy.
      Thank God our batch have people like you ever willing to help any progressive project.
      I have nothing to do with Ranjit receiving greetings from many fact is that he is so popular.
      The poem I wrote in my greetings for him hope illustrates that point.


  2. Dear Ariya !
    Many thanks for the wonderful Words of Wisdom .
    Great Thoughts to start the New Year .

    Keep it going, as we all need some good advice now and then, as there is still some room in the head to learn !
    Thanks again- Deepthie .


    • Dear Deepthie,

      Exactly fifty percent of that wisdom you talk about I have to give it back to you for the

      encouragement and guidance you provide without any fees!


  3. Dear Ariya,
    I have a couple of questions about the birthday notification
    Who do I write to notify of my birthday ?
    Are you preparing the list of birthdays with the names eventually so that we can wish them ?
    May be I have had a break in communication on this issue or you have not addressed this important matter up to now ??
    thank you for the excellent idea


  4. Dear Ajith,

    Thanks for the question.
    One can inform date and month of their birth (please note, not the year) to either myself or Praxy ( Then we collate data and make a list per each month, well in advance.
    For example for the month of January ten batch mates have informed us . We intend to send the month and date classified list those who have responded as well as to Sam’s for RU64 web site well in advance So even the batch mates who have not so far responded will know (if they refer to the RU web)
    Batch mates can either send personal electronic greetings or write their messages directly to Sam to publish. You have to give few days advance for Sam.
    Unfortunately the feed back with dates to our request has not been brisk so far.
    Please note that we started this asking for information in early January.
    Hence at present there are many gaps and the list is not complete.
    We are confident it will pick up.
    I suppose the idea is to get friends communicating. RU64 web site is the preferred choice so that everyone can get involved


  5. I have sent personal greetings in the form of an e-mail, recalling some old fun things we did back then, with a few photos attached, to the ” January Babies ‘ via e- mail – the most recent being to Soma .

    I have had very appreciative responses from almost all of them .
    I really enjoy sending B’day Greetings , and happy to know, they are being appreciated .

    If the recipient wants to send my greetings to them to the RU 64 web- it is ok with me .

    Keep the RU 64 Circle going !

    Thank you Ariya, Praxy and of course- Sam- !
    eagledeepthie .


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