Note from Praxy

Dear All,
It is a brilliant idea that Ariya has come out with, to get the birthdays of all our batch mates. This will enable us to ”Meet and Greet” when we are in Colombo and also give an opportunity for MINI REUNIONS until we meet again in two years time. Looking at the photos of the last MINI reunion last year, it looks like they have had a wonderful time. I am so proud to have been in the batch of 64 and I really cherish the memories of our Medical College days and of course the last RU.This birthday list will not only help us to at least wish our friends on their birthdays, but also keep communications ”going’. Well done Ariya for taking the trouble to organise this. I am sure every one will respond to your request and send those dates of birth, to help you organise the list. Kind Regards.



2 thoughts on “Note from Praxy

  1. Dear Praxy

    Maha’s [ Maharojani’s] Birthday is today – ie 6 th January.
    She is fast asleep at 1.50am. Our home number is 0208 657 0018.
    Why not try to call her and wish her ” Happy Birthday” for her to get
    a shock as to how you came to know.

    Happy New Year and Kind Regards To All


    [ Mathiaparanam Sreetharan].


    • Dear Maha Sorry I missed your birthday. Please accept my belated wishes for a year full of happiness and joy. Now that we have a good collection of birthdays yoyur birthday will never be forgotten. Take care. Love and God’s blessings. Praxy and Ranjit


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