Note from Ariya

Thanks to brilliant collection of Deepthie’s and Dharma’s Photos

To reawaken participant’s fledging memories and boost up their ego

Drafted a dossier with Narme’s help, our big event, over two years ago

Should we resend it across to all, to wet their appetite to have another go?

With Metta


Click below,


2 thoughts on “Note from Ariya

  1. Thank you Ariya, for the reminder !
    it was good to review the photos from that wonderful weekend at Beruwala,- oct 2014.
    I hope others will take the time to view it and enjoy the photo story, and read through the lovely poetry .
    it seems like y’day to me- but, it was 2 yrs ago !

    As for the next RU- 64—,

    I will be there,
    No matter where ,
    As long as I can,
    Put one foot in front of the other,
    To get there !!

    Happy New Year to All !

    eagledeepthie . ( aka ‘baila kumari ‘ as Ariya says !!! )


    • Dear ‘Baila Kumar’ your commitment to show us the fauna and flora of your part of the world has convinced me Canada must be the most blessed nature reserve.
      Your mastery of photography, willingness to brave through horrendous weather conditions to give us the best phot taken from the best angle is appreciated.
      You are a boon to our batch. Please keep the interest and the jive going. Dharma, Nisantha Banda and yourself with your mesmerising photography have been doing a great service not only educating us also entertaining us using the beauty of nature as the tool

      Please accept my profuse thanks and keep the good work going.


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