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Hunky-dory is a word I heard, few years ago in this plesant green land

No ‘Google’ then to check the meaning, but I was keen to understand

In a clandastine party, an old navy man, when used the above phrase

He wasn’t sober, I asked him its meaning, as my way of trying to tease


‘Oh, young man’ he called me, that’s a mighty fine word, we tend to use

To someone pleased in themdays having had his ‘dick’ a chance to play’

Though it is in the jargon even now, came from mid-nineteenth centuary

Used by American sailors to describe a Japenese street, ‘Honcho-dori’


The mucky street was in ‘Yokohoma’ and was well known to sailors

For the services provided to banish loneliness and empty ‘love juices’

Hunky men for a dime or two had a chance to be releaved of tension

Returning to ship and exhibited an of aura happiness and satisfaction


Being shy to say to officers, after being to a prostitute in a street grubby

Sailors used a term if asked of their whereabouts, been to ‘Honcho-dori’

It must have taken many years to coin the word used today ‘Hunky-dory’

The pun would makes sense too as secret trips were made by men


By Ariya De Silva

Best Wishes for Shanti Dalpatadu





Message from Ariya


Those who are truly wise are especially aware of the need for sanity.

They take delight in sanity.

They take pleasure in the pursuit of sanity

That is where you belong because you are in the region of the supernormal

As your mannerism is saintly so are your speech, deeds, thoughts & name

On your ‘Big day’ my friend, I wish you good health, peace and longevity

Ariya De Silva


Message from Praxy

Dalpe dear you were one of the quietest in the batch,
With no moans groans or animosities to hatch.
So it is with great pleasure that Ranjit and I wish you,
Many happy returns of the day along with the rest of the crew.
Praxy and Ranjit


Message from Deepthie

Happy Birthday to you Dalpe- !
Enjoy your BIG Day- as much as we all enjoyed the Block Concert with you
and the rest of the SL gang !
Deepthie .

It’s Selvamalar’s (Selvadurai)Birthday!




This is to wish you all that is best for you on your BIG Day !

We all sure missed you at the RU 64- and it was good to talk to you from
Beruwala !
These are photos taken when we met in Brisbane- dec 1990– a very long time
ago, but, seems like y’day to me .

Keep well, good wishes,
Deepthie .

IMG_0352 - Copy-cc



Message from Praxy

Dear Selvamalar it is a great pleasure
To wish you a birthday that you will treasure
Ranjit and I wish you health wealth and happiness
I am sure you will share with Sathananthan in great readiness.

Love. Praxy and Ranjit

It’s Selva’s Birthday!




Message from Praxy

My dear Selvaranee you are the queen bee of the colony
Colony of batch mates who are always jolly and friendly.
Along with others Ranjit and I send you greetings
For a birthday that will bring happiness and joy till our next meetings.

May the good Lord bless you and keep you till we meet again.

Love. Praxy and Ranjit

Message from Ariya

It is Our Selvarani’s Birthday, When celebrating with friends and loved ones, a mile stone in your life, fabulous We fondly reminisce sweet cakes you always feed us with, thrilling our taste buds Wishing you a long peaceful life with excellent health, prosperity filled with joy Greetings are sent to a wonderful batch mate, a good friend and a pretty lady Ariya on behalf of Batch ‘64


Message from Deepthie


Eagledeepthie is sending you Very Warm Birthday Wishes !!

They come to you from the Flowers of Lanka,

They come to you, from the warm blue and gold waters of the Indian Ocean
of Lanka, , to the Winter Sunrise of the Great Lakes of Canada,

They come to you, from my Polar Bear mom and cubs, who spend all their
lives in the Arctic and Snowy Owls and Snow Buntings flocks in the High
Arctic, that spend the winter near my home,

They come to you from the migrating Sandhill Cranes , who stop on the way
near my home, on their way south from Northern Canada,

They come to you to give you a little treat, through my little chickadee

And of course- THE BIG BIRTHDAY CAKE in Beruwala- for you, and for all of
us to share !

May you find that Pot of Gold at The End of The Rainbow !!!
My BIG Rock Man is Watching Over You and Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday

Have a Great Day- on the 24th Jan- Your Birthday Day .

Lots of Love and Good Wishes- eagledeepthie .

Message from “Seelan”

“My dear Batch mates,

This is the first time in my life that I received so many Birthday Greetings!!
I am overwhelmed & at the same time embarrassed! If you look at the attached Photos very very carefully, you may notice that I am Blushing!!

My sincere thanks to all of you.

Sam(Gunasiri), Ariya & Praxy – You have done a great job starting this.

I like the way “Eagle Deepthie” sent the greetings. But please don’t waste the Chivas Regal on the Foxes. Save it for me.

The photos Ariya posted look good. I look better than the original.

I don’t like the idea of adding one year to my age, but I enjoyed the company of my four grand children. They all came home on the 21st.

Best Regards


Happy Birthday Seelan!



Despite all the worldly riches, he remains humble

Can handle well, even few gallons of Chivas Regal*

Everything he creates is perfect, legal, and beautiful

Wish a Happy Birthday to my noble friend, Seelan

Not sending you a pricey diamond

Nor other expensive gift, either

A tiny note to say that I remember

Your ‘Big day’ My mate very dear

*(Chivas Regal 25: Created using whiskies aged at least 25 years; available only in limited quantities with a retail price of $300)

Ariya, 21st January 2017


Special Message from Praxy

Oh Seelan dear Seelan your birthday is here.
We are sorry that we are unable to be near.
But Ranjit and I are sending best wishes to you .
Along with friends you met at our wonderful RU.
Cheers 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈.🎈.May the good Lord bless and keep you till we meet again 😊.


Praxy and Ranjit.

Special Message from Deepthie

:IMG_0352 - Copy-cc

Hey my dear Seelan !

Here it comes on The Wings of Eagledeepthie !!

I am a bit late on this GREETING , as I was watching the Trump Affair –

Another Historical Day- like the day YOU came to this world, Trump came to
The World !!!

Eagledeepthie is wishing you ALL THE VERY BEST FOR THE COMING YEAR, AND

The fox photos- taken in my back yard right on jan 21- 2105, and on nov 24-
The Snowy Owl- jan 6- 2017- near where I live — the greeting to all
January Babies !
The Chickadee birds- I feed on my back deck – taken 10 days ago .
Bald eagle- near my home- dec 16- 2016 . taking a good look at all of us



Golden Years, time to enjoy lives- Ariya

Golden Years, time to enjoy lives

Once we’ve overcome the desire to impress colleagues, friends and others
Once our worth is recognised by the kith and kin and the adversaries
Once have amassed enough wealth to outlast health bills and other needs
Surely then is the time to take a back seat, have a laugh and enjoy our lives

Once the desperate need to be competitive, ‘charming and exciting’ has passed,
It is easier to lean back, laugh at everything including ourselves and enjoy life
Could be most satisfying when the oldies, especially because they’ve have learned,
There is no shame in laughing at own mistakes and even being the butt of jokes

We’ve driven down many of life’s tough, rocky and bumpy roads,
Know what should not concern us and what cannot be resolved
With a smile of acceptance, for those who say life is too tricky,
Should live the life to the full, on experiences we have gathered.

With age comes experience and with it we accrue the wisdom,
To know things that matter and help us as we are no humdrum
Have learned a lot already in life, but have not stopped learning yet
Will certainly find the path to avoid mistakes and reach our own goals.

After many years we can deal with most obstacles, thrown on our way
Knowing exactly who we are and what our wants, less likely to fall prey,
to vulgarity of a bloke or a damsel, from our path we are unlikely to sway
As we have the knowledge and power to change but if all fail, we can pray

Once upon a time, sure all we did was to chase precision
That province now is left to our younger generation
They have plenty of time to dabble and for realization
Of folly of beating the rest, in the name of perfection

We should even enjoy little faults of our own and in people close to us,
There will then not be a shortage of supply of pleasurable moments
It is hard to admit, our body is not as strong as it used to be,
Having served many years, shouldn’t ask for more, than it can give.

Long time ago we have learned, no good will come
By comparing with others brilliant efforts& outcome
We have released ourselves from feeling undue pressure,
of competition, the cause of anxiety is defunct and gone.

There is a great relief, knowing that at this stage of our lives
Can focus on what we like and no envy nor emotions negative
We know our worth, if others do not know, it is their problem
Not something over which should lose sleep nor lose our emblem

When we were young, older folks used to look surly at us in envy
Today we know, none is immune from aging even ones quite savvy
We all like to blow off some steam, even though been quite old
No need to change habits, to show temper should not be afraid

We have raised our children, fed and clothed them
Many long years we have lost, lot of our good time
Finally have the space to do things in our own pace.
Time is now to learn about nature or read all the books




Note from Praxy

Dear All,
It is a brilliant idea that Ariya has come out with, to get the birthdays of all our batch mates. This will enable us to ”Meet and Greet” when we are in Colombo and also give an opportunity for MINI REUNIONS until we meet again in two years time. Looking at the photos of the last MINI reunion last year, it looks like they have had a wonderful time. I am so proud to have been in the batch of 64 and I really cherish the memories of our Medical College days and of course the last RU.This birthday list will not only help us to at least wish our friends on their birthdays, but also keep communications ”going’. Well done Ariya for taking the trouble to organise this. I am sure every one will respond to your request and send those dates of birth, to help you organise the list. Kind Regards.



Note from Ariya

Thanks to brilliant collection of Deepthie’s and Dharma’s Photos

To reawaken participant’s fledging memories and boost up their ego

Drafted a dossier with Narme’s help, our big event, over two years ago

Should we resend it across to all, to wet their appetite to have another go?

With Metta


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