3 thoughts on “Update from Ariya

    • Thanks Indrajith and Manel for organising a fantastic ‘mini reunion’ in the hill capital. We were hugely impressed with your private hideout the doors of which you opened to us wholeheartedly. The staff at Indra Manel Family Holiday Resort, in idyllic location, unspoiled upcountry wilderness, overlooking a tributary of Mahavally river delicious food and refreshments and accomplished musicians took us to a complete new plane where luxury and abundance was the norm. You two are fantastic hosts and recommend a visit to Digana to all batchmates.

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      • What Aria has said is very true..Indrajee and Manel gave us such scrumptious lunch at their artistic and beautiful home in Kandy and then hosted us at their hotel for two days without any payment.the Hotel is in the form of a Urino-Genital Tract, and the picture above is just before entering the Bladder (- near the Pool) . We lived in rooms along the Fallopian Tubes. All mates need to see Indrajee and Manels’s creativity . Thank you eversomuch Indrajee and Manel, and thanks to Ale, Lakshmen and Ariya for organizing the trip. Swarna, Rani, Wije Herath and Donny from foreign climes joined us. It was a super mini RU!
        Narme I


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