“Motivation” – Ariya

Motivation enriches the ability

Once was a young boy who came for school soccer practice regularly
Everyday his pa used to accompany him and ‘watched’ the game avidly
Though the boy never made to the team his father sat through patiently
The day of the first competitive match neither the boy nor the father came

Four days later knockout stage boy arrived and pleaded with the coach
Insisted how important to have a place in the team to impress his dad
As his ability did not match the rest of the team the wish was denied
With a determined face the boy pledged today he would win the match

He insisted intensely to be included and desire to win the game for his pa
Teacher exclaimed, ‘your father came everyday and knew you did not play’
But boy’s pleading was so much finally teacher relented him into the team
The boy played very well and won the match, was judged as hero of the day

Pleasantly surprised by the unexpected turn around of the little fellow
Teacher asked as to what was different that day for his improved display
The boy with tearful eyes said his blind father died three days ago
From above now he is watching with divine eyes how his son would play



Advice from Ariya

“Healing power of a smile and a kind word”

Benevolence, altruism and compassion
Are words imbibed with qualities divine
For an individual or a society to thrive
The start often, is a well meaning smile

When one speaks or writes something of value
Should avoid using profanity like ‘the plague’
Profanities do not reflect strength or manliness
But inadequacy of vocabulary and lack self control

Of three actions, speech, deeds and thought
We express our feelings, mostly by speech
Do not let a word come out of your mouth
Before it is well chewed and tested in mind

Once put out, a word good, inert or obscene
It gathers momentum to become a heavy load
How well meaning one’s thoughts may be
His stature is built, on deeds and words

Our mind and the body are interdependent
Healthy mind is the precursor of a healthy body
Learn to like to do things necessary, then what is possible
Soon you will be doing, ‘what could have been impossible’

Use the word ‘thanks’ more often and mean it
The recipient will not only hear, but feel it
If you see a face known or not well known
Greet wholeheartedly with a radiant smile

Smile with a friend is strengthening the bond
Smile given to a stranger, you earn a new friend
To smile with your adversary may be the hardest
But would be the corner stone of ending the conflict

A well meaning ‘Thank you’ is all one needs to give
To fill the heart of the receiver with joy and love
Being appreciated is a desire not only of a human
Lovable pat on the back is valued, even by a brute

Ariya thoughts