Reminiscing the “Greatest Reunion” by Ariya

My dear Batch mates,

Two years ago in Beruwala, we had a memorable week-end

Eighty three mates and a fair number of their spouses around

Delighted the atmosphere and illuminated each others hearts

To keep memories alive, repeat some verses and photo captions

Click below and Enjoy!







3 thoughts on “Reminiscing the “Greatest Reunion” by Ariya

  1. Dear Ariya, Thank you for your continued interest and writing about our wonderful RU two years ago. I am very passionate about having one in the very near future and hope SL folk can organise another one . It need not be in the style of the grand one done by our friends in SL last time. ….
    Ariya keep writing we love your work. Kind Regards. Praxy


    • Thanks Praxy. Your comments do inspire me very much. Yes, many batch mates must be experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the 2014 RU and itching to hear about the next one. Though we had mini RUs nothing like the real one! Hope our plea will fall on sympathetic ears! Ariya


  2. This is eagledeepthie- I will fly to where ever the next RU is held !
    Thank you Ariya and Sam, for your efforts .

    In the meantime- good wishes to all- Deepthie .


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