Reminiscing the “Greatest Reunion” by Ariya

My dear Batch mates,

Two years ago in Beruwala, we had a memorable week-end

Eighty three mates and a fair number of their spouses around

Delighted the atmosphere and illuminated each others hearts

To keep memories alive, repeat some verses and photo captions

Click below and Enjoy!








Have you wondered why some never reach their goals?
While others do surpass them, with consummate ease
Why some are frustrated with reversals and failures
While others continue to succeed with hardly a crisis

Anyone who has accomplished, anything worthwhile
In sports, academia, business, music or even in politics
Had always done proper planning, due care and discipline
One who sets forth without discipline ends up trailing

I want a disciplined driver in my train when I am travelling
I want a trained navigator at the helm in my ship cruising
Lack of self-discipline, primary cause for poor performance
Discipline separates well-mannered from social delinquents

Discipline aids self-control which avoids distractions
None can concentrate, on a job without good discipline
Staying focussed is vital to accomplish even a simple thing
Accidents are uncommon among people who are caring

Of course discipline is hard work but mistakes are pretty painful
Discipline makes one mindful, astute could prevent errors awful
Good planning and discipline do always go well, hand in hand
‘If one fails to plan, it is certain that he is planning to fail’.


To Live within Dhamma and the correct side of Law – Ariya

Values Good or bad has no bearing on one’s creed

‘Na jatta vasalo hoti na jatta hoti btahmano
kammana vasalo hoti kammana hoti brahmano’
(vasala sutta)

1. Good values are the doings right, done for the right reason
Not a task to avoid a future blame nor to construe a gain
But to fix the course of the future, a worthy contribution
A selfless act made purely for benefit of a being or a nation

2. No person should ever be honoured for what he had amassed,

But for what he has given or left behind to improve the world

Good people just silently pass away, they do not perish or die

For good deeds done, their names, for a long time will survive

3. A child usually is born crying, the kinship invariably would cheer,

At his demise, not he, but kith & kin, would cry missing him for ever

If the life lived was generous and of value, no reason to be crying

For the positive difference he made the world should be rejoicing

4. People often awaits till the passing away of an individual to weep

Recollect acts of kindness received from him, now lying in the box

Loud praises nor lamentation unheard, he is now permanently deaf

What good is it for him, will soon be resting six feet deep, for ever

5. Value is in the deed and not in the owner nor in his creed or clan

One’s gains should be results of honest work, thorough and clean

Like wood apple fruits tusker eaten, inherited gains are hollow

Knowledge without character is ugly, tend to end up in sorrow

6. Pleasure without conscience, commerce without morality

Are not great but sins, akin to the science against humanity

It is a deception and not democracy, Politics without principle

A religion should have clarity not a mystery leading to turmoil

7. Our values we learn when young, from what we see and hear

Mainly from parents we watch and follow, the closest teachers dear

What is taught and learnt mostly during the formative year

Becomes basis of thoughts, speech and deeds, if evil, can be dear!

8. When faced with a situation unsure of the impending action

Which could lead to either wholesome or a grave repercussion

There is a simple test I use, learnt and practiced in childhood

Never failed easy to execute & is called (MAT) ‘My Amma, Test’

9. When a thought came to my mind before I speak or take action

Instantly, I used to check it in my mind, if mum would approve it,

If it belongs to a group, which would make mum unhappy or sad

I would abort that thought, so no unruly words nor unholy deeds

10. Now that I am matured enough to develop a rational state of mind

Can gauge my thoughts and would forerun the speech or deeds

I have a ‘stencil’ cut, with holes shaped Lobha, Dosa and Moha

Thoughts get examined, wrongs aborted and live in dhamma frame



Message from Dharma


                                                                                                                                                                                            Picture Courtesy of Deepthie Seneviratne

Returned from UK a few days ago and recovering from jet lag.

I thought you might like to know this.

September 22nd, 2016 was a and sunny day, neither hot nor cold, unusual for Durham, UK at this time of the year. ” Fitting day to bid farewell to a remarkable lady”. The solemn pre cremation service was held at the Durham crematorium. Chapel was overflowing and many of us had standing room only outside the main hall and watched on TV. The service went very well as Daya had planned and instructed. The Buddhist priests chanted and spoke first. They went to see her in her death bed to comfort and her and prepare her for the inevitable end, but they come out learning from her example. Dr. S. Wignarajah a very close long time family friend from our junior batch gave the eulogy as requested by Daya. Their son Kalum and daughter Tanuja spoke lovingly of their mother. It was a closed casket. Daya had picked the photograph to be displayed and the music to be played.

How is CJ holding up? Good and bad as any man who lost his wife of over 40 years. He is fortunate to have many SL families who are close to them especially during the last 6 months or so. In fact, a couple has moved into his house taking charge of it. This is a huge relief for CJ. He is planning to go to SL for 10 days with daughter Tanuja. Before that he will spend time with his sister Manjula and Biga-Sunila in London. He will work out the other details after he returns. Time is a great healer. Though being surrounded by family and friends help, he says he has to work it out for himself.

Our batch was represented, Ranjit and Praxy de Saram, David and Rajini Selvarajah, Herath and wife, Swarna Gunaratne (Yahampath) and husband, Shoukat Mamujee, Arumainayagam and myself. (Hope I have not missed anyone.) I was fortunate to talk to Daya 3 days before she passed away.

Keep CJ and family in your prayers and thoughts