I shall be lone Rhinoceros ………..Ariya

Dear Sam,

As we have become senior citizens

Gruesome and bitter facts, not able to cope

Are the shrinking of the circle of good friends

And the loss, one by one, of close relatives
Nature though can be wonderful and joyous

Keeping with the sayings of the great sages

Takes away one by one our closest and the most precious

Composed few verses to rid my frustrations

Of course uninvited we came to this world, alone

Are aware, have to do the journey back the same

As it gives so much pain at the time of parting

Why do we make life so hard to everyone by bonding?

‘Letting Go’ is the teaching, but one of the hardest to follow

As we make connections, aspirations and accumulations

Even for a split second when not mindful, do build up links

But a time would come for everyone to break links and vanish



Click below,


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