Update from Deepthie

HI Sam,

Sending you some nice pics taken , june 2016- when Rajabalendran visited
Canada and USA from Australia .

Rajes and my self- we met him on the 21st june, and Rahul and others- 25th
june .

It was great meeting him- and listening to his wonderful 35 yrs of
continuous service in Alice Springs- Australia .
I really do admire him for sticking it out– half his life , as if it were,
in the heart of the Australian Out Back .

Deepthie .


Rajabalendran Rahul ,Selva,  Saroja

Rajabalendran, Rahul, Selva, Saroja -IMG_3775

Rajabalendran- Saro and Selva -IMG_3793


Rajabalendran- Ranjini -IMG_0873.jpg-cc

Rajabalendran- Rahul- Saroja- Selvarani, Mahesan -IMG_3770Rajabalendran- Rajes and me -IMG_0876.jpg-ccRajabalendran and Rahul-IMG_3796Rajabalendran and Saro -IMG_3794

7 thoughts on “Update from Deepthie

    • Dear Deepthie,
      Thank you for the lovely post. Missed Rajabalendran and family badly at the RU in 2014.
      Everyone looks well and happy. Nice to see Rajesh, Saroja, Selvarani, Rahula and of course yourself looking so well.
      If our batch is a great big strong wall your attitude can only be described as the cement mixture keeping bricks firmly United.

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  1. Photos of Rajes are missing. Have not seen her since I left med school. Love to see some photos of hers Selvamalar and Satha


  2. Lovely photos . It was a lovely mini reunion of the batchmates at Rahula’s beautiful home and enjoyed Mary’s SL dishes. . All the best Selva

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  3. Hi Deepthie,
    Thnx for the photos of your mini-reunion.
    As with all of us the faces have changed but the smiles & indomitable spirit shines through.
    Yolande & I will be spending 1/52 in Tuscany followed by a visit to the shrine of Padre Pio in Sep.
    Looking forward to same.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Anselm & Yolande.


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