Update from Deepthie

HI Sam,

Sending you some nice pics taken , june 2016- when Rajabalendran visited
Canada and USA from Australia .

Rajes and my self- we met him on the 21st june, and Rahul and others- 25th
june .

It was great meeting him- and listening to his wonderful 35 yrs of
continuous service in Alice Springs- Australia .
I really do admire him for sticking it out– half his life , as if it were,
in the heart of the Australian Out Back .

Deepthie .


Rajabalendran Rahul ,Selva,  Saroja

Rajabalendran, Rahul, Selva, Saroja -IMG_3775

Rajabalendran- Saro and Selva -IMG_3793


Rajabalendran- Ranjini -IMG_0873.jpg-cc

Rajabalendran- Rahul- Saroja- Selvarani, Mahesan -IMG_3770Rajabalendran- Rajes and me -IMG_0876.jpg-ccRajabalendran and Rahul-IMG_3796Rajabalendran and Saro -IMG_3794