“Worst Did Happen” – Ariya



The worst did happen, what we feared the most
Willingly Brits have chosen a path of distraught
Fooled by myopic vision and words uncertain,
Downgraded stature and wealth of Great Britain

Xenophobic views having taken root
The darkest day we feared the most
Has dawned in Britain, once called Great
They have voted themselves from the EU out
Union of Europe, certainly is not a bed of roses
Yet to appreciate fragrance of beautiful flowers
Must be diligent to overcome weeds and thrones
For Anger with face, only fools will cut their noses
Instantly the value of Sterling has plummeted
‘Triple A rating’ rumoured, already threatened
Rash monstrous decisions taken by the masses
Produced fears that GB may break into its parts
The IRA is making wild noises to re – unite Ireland
Scots are clamouring again to get them separated
Great cities in England , expressed divergent views
One foolish move triggered violent seismic damages
To accentuate the sadness and to make matters worse
Prime minister, who was bold enough to go to the masses
Trusting their judgement to put the country before emotion
Had to resign due to the decision of an unsympathetic nation