Strange but True

(Reference a letter to Lancet i , 35, 1875) Unusual method of Conception


“A real son of a gun”

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On the 12th May 1863, a bullet fired in the American civil war by the confiderates is said to have hit and carried away the left testis of of one of Grant’s soldiers.

The same bullet went on to penetrate the left side of a young woman who was ministering to the wounds of the injured soldiers.

Two hundred and seventy eight days later, while she, firmly insisting on her virginity, gave birth to an 8 lb (3.6 kg) boy. (a son of a gun!)

On close inspection before the delivery the hymen was intact.

Three weeks later , Dr L G Capers of Vicksberg, was called to see the boy because of a swelling of his scrotum.

He operated and removed a smased and battered ‘minieball’. He concluded that this was the same bullet that had hit the testis of the ‘father’ , thus carrying sperm to the mother and fertilizing her ovum. He approached the soldier and related the story, later introducing him to his son’s mother.

The beauty of the story is the two formed an attachment to each other and married, later producing three more siblings to ‘the son of a gun’ by conventional means.

This is not a yarn from me though I am a retired Obstetrician But quoting Records and Curiosities in Obstetrics and Gynaecology by Fergusson, Taylor and Watson, Publised by Bailliere Tindall, 35 Red Lion Square, London WC 1 R 4 SG


Good or Bad one does, may Come Back

Good or bad

What we do to others,

Sooner or later

We get the same back


There once was a farmer

Who sold butter to a baker

The baker felt his butter

Was gradually getting smaller
So one day he decided to weigh the butter

Suspecting there was foul play

When he realised he was short chained

To village head, the farmer was reported


The farmer was asked to explain the short fall

He said, sire, I am not educated but a simple man

I have a scale to weigh, but do not know to use weights

But I am sure, I have not done any wrong, to be a culprit


Long before I started to make butter

I have been buying bread from the farmer

Since daily he sells me a pound of bread

I used that loaf to weigh a pound butter


So the village head to test this tale

Asked the baker to produce the loaf of bread

Though bread weighed less than a pound

The weights of butter and bread were the same


“The Danger of Anger” – Ariya

He abused me, he beat me
He robbed me he defeated me
In whom who harbours such thoughts,
Hatred will flourish and not cease
(The Buddha)

Darkness cannot be dispelled
By darkness but by brightness
Hatred not be overcome by hatred
But by loving kindness

Nocturnal creatures do not see things in day light
The diurnals mostly do become blind in the night
Human beings driven to heights of hatred
Both day and night become senseless and blind

Whom or what do we battle with, when we are angry
It is with ourselves we fight and become our own enemy
Similar to greed, it degrades our mind to make it bawdy
Fuelled by emotion, shamelessly then behaves like a rowdy

The one who is angry thinks he has won respect
Instilling fear is not victory but a fool’s conduct
Everyone who loses temper has much more to lose
None wins by rudeness of speech or loudness of voice

Face will be ugly despite well-groomed and dressed
Will lie in pain, even on a comfortable soft couch
His thought process would be tangled and confused
Causes much self-harm, not recognising bad from good

Actions and words would be impolite and reckless
Will destroy his reputation, harms himself and others
Well-meaning friends and relatives will avoid him like the plague
Will be demoted to the alcoholics and the bad companions’ league

Good is restrain in deeds,
Good is restrain in speech,
Good is restrain in thoughts,
The one who practices restrain
Would be freed of anger and sorrow

‘Ariya thoughts’173