Mr and Mrs of RU 64


We saw glamour at the RU, saw drama and fabulous dances of all kinds
We heard melodious songs, heard scientific speeches, laugher and jokes
We saw beautiful people in extravagant dresses in eye catching designs
We listened to talks of our glorious past, friendly chats and even gossips

We saw flamboyant gentlemen, in their flashy and most eye catching outfits
We saw butterflies, saw Angels, among the smart guys a few shining Knights
Mahilal and Mahila, at the RU golden, looked like the most matching couple
One is a healer, the other an artist, both were charming and extremely polite
Nearly of the same height, seeing on the dance floor was a sheer delight
Both very pleasant beautifully attired charming and equally glamorous
So my choice of the most matching couple of the RU, beating the rest of us
To offer the accolade to Mahila and Mahilal as the batch RU 64, Mr & Mrs.


2 thoughts on “Mr and Mrs of RU 64”

  1. “ And the Winner is — Mahilal and Mahila !!!!! – Lovely !- Great Choice !-thanks Ariya –Deepthie .”

    Thanks .


  2. Thanks Deepthi for agreeing with my selection.
    I would like a dialogue started as it is important we should support Sam’ thoughtful and excellent idea to set up this web site exclusively for the batch.
    Dialogue will enforce adhesion and keep our memories alive.


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