Ariya’s Thoughts for the New Year

Life throws back at you, what you give

It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Whether it is a thought, action or behaviour

Life has a habit of returning it to the doer

If one treats people well, whenever they can

Pleasantly, goodness will boomerang

Sooner or later, absolutely from nowhere

Treat people with respect and compassion

If there is a chance on your way up

Because you are likely to meet them again

Probably when you are sliding down

Many years ago two American bright boys,

Studied at Stanford University

Once their funds got desperately low

Making it impossible to continue studies

A bright idea came to these two anxious lads

They had heard of a great Polish Pianist,

‘Ignacy Paderewski’ who became the target

Plan was to engage him on a public recital

Make enough profit to continue their courses


Approached the manager of the musician

He was an uncompromising tough man

Though boys explained to him their plan

Price was high wouldn’t budge from two grand

Boys knew their chance was dwindling

Disappointed yet not much they could do

A spark of luck, as they were leaving

Met the hallowed pianist returning

Mr Paderewski, inquired why they looked so sad

Listening to their plight the pianist gladly agreed

To do the recital free of charge to give lads a chance

The recital was a success, rest is history, two boys

Completed their courses receiving highest grades

The years rolled by, came and went the first World War

Mr Paderewski has now become Poland’s prime minister

Aftermath of the War, many Polish people were starving

Only one who could help was in Paris, Mr Herbert Hoover

The officer in charge of the US Foods and Relief Bureau

Hoover responded immediately saving Polish people millions

After citizens were fed Mr Paderewski returned to Paris

And thanked Mr Hoover, for the relief sent saving many lives

That’s alright Sir, you’ve helped me to complete my studies

Thirty years was a long time and Mr Hoover looked different

When the story was told Polish prime minister was jubilant

Not only because the timely help his people received by an act

Of kindness which has now returned to him as a boomerang


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