New Year Resolution- By Deepthie

“Be Grateful for Every Sunrise, Lose it if you don’t use it”

So, Live 2016 like you did 2015, so, you will get to see Sunrise on January 1st, 2017.


“Happy New Year to All !!”


Photos taken4th January on self timer, by placing the camera on big boulders called Glacial Erratics, outside temperature minus 15 degrees C, during my daily constitutional walk in the woods, in rural Ontario, Canada.


IMG_0352 - Copy-cc            Deepthie





2 thoughts on “New Year Resolution- By Deepthie

  1. Lovely pictures Deepthie.
    You are a multi talented lady and seem to have got the right idea. Enjoy the life when you can.
    You have chosen the right country to live, a paradise for a person who love life and appreciate the beauty of nature.
    Thanks for the pretty pictures.


  2. Fantastic pictures. Looks like you are enjoying life to the full.
    You have chosen the ideal country to satisfy your immense thirst for natural beauty.
    You are really living the wish of most of ours.
    Have a fantastic new year in your magical surroundings.



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