New Year Resolution for Grand Parents

Dear Sam,
let me be the first to appreciate you in the New Year

For providing a web site exclusive to ’64 batch, over one year

I am grateful to you as it gave me an opportunity to compose

Politic contemplations which I enjoyed writing, so thanks my dear

With this mail sending a set of verses attached

Hope I have dotted, all ‘i’s and ‘t’s are crossed

Wish you and Kathy a wonderful New Year

Hope there will be another RU, soon this year


At our age, surely none of us have many years to live,

No way can we take along anything we ‘claim’ we have,

Must put an end to the greed and stop collecting more

Empty tills and banks, put a stop of being thrifty too

Grant some gracious public servants do continue their good work

Even after retirement to uphold high standards and train the new lot

Few praiseworthy souls with compassion, and selflessness at heart

Continue to work to guide and pass skills to their apprentice set

The write up below is a hint only to those who continue with intention

To enhance the wealth of dependents, though latter are financially well off

It is painful to see, some old folks are unhappy but still compelled to work

As they cannot give up the habit of amassing wealth, at whatever the cost

My advice is to spend your dosh lavishly, so you can enjoy life to the full

Be generous to the poor, give to charities, not for fame but out of good will

Take vacations and cruises, meet nice people, see weird and wonderful places

Surely you have earned the right to satisfy your hitherto suppressed desires

Some do transfer their mountains of wealth to children long before time

Hoping to reduce inheritance tax burden, of their good for nothing kids

To prevent our children becoming parasites, eagerly check our breathing

This is the age to be selfish, spend the lot, let them earn their own mammon

Please do not worry about what would happen, after we are gone

When we returned to dust, nothing would be heard, no praises nor blame.

Time is now to enjoy life and our hard earned wealth, before eyes are closed!

Should not worry about children, it is their choice so let them swim or sink

One must resist becoming a slave, a guardian or ‘a dependable angel’

We’ve cared for them, pored affection, given plenty of comforts and guile

Remaining wealth, rightly earned and they’ve seen us work very hard

Our lives should certainly be more meaningful, than amassing for the brood

To dedicate life, from children’s cradle to our own perishing stage,

‘Unpaid baby sitters’ a poor contract, for grandparents in their old age

Unfortunate aberration, occurring far too often, which truly is a disgrace

Should not fall into the trap, let our right to enjoy life, at own slow pace.

Our purpose in life is ‘not to be ring fenced’ to share their burden

So they can have good carriers, enjoy cinema, parties and freedom

When cannot look after ourselves, we will become burdens in few days

Children should be fair, not to dump their litter, on old mums and dads

Do not expect too much from one’s own children.

When you need, they would invent a huge quandary

Filial demands and commitments will be very heavy

They’ve no obligations to us, cannot expect favours many

 Uncaring children do invariably fight over parents’ assets

When we are alive, wishing every minute for our demise

Impatient for the day to inherit our properties and wealth.

To become rich overnight with our hard earned belongings

Yet we have no claims over their wealth, time or money

If ever our need arises they are deaf, blind or damn too busy

Few ‘bread crumbs’ hesitantly may throw with considerable fuss

As a great favour, scrutinized jointly with their darling better halves

No child takes a life insurance with parent’s welfare in mind

They would hardly ever plan to brighten their old parents’ lives

Why should septuagenarians get up at five am to go to work?

Trading their health just to put to children’s coffers more cents!

Adding stress to mind and body despite, natural wear and tear

Expecting parents to work to an early grave, is thoroughly unfair

Even extra money may not be able to buy their health if broken

Doubt very much, if our kids will allow their own tills to be shaken

When to stop making money, and how much is enough

A hundred thousand, a million or a billion or even a trillion

There is no limit a philosopher or a sage can define

The nature of greed, one must recognise, is always to add on

Out of hectares of good farm land, I do already hold

I do not consume even three quarts a day of rice

All mansions, your name may be on, in many continents

Our need each is less than eight square meters to rest at night.

So, as long as we have food plentiful and enough money to spend,

Would be good enough to live happily and to get off the rat race

Every family has its own demands and one should not compare with others

But must stop when we know that we have enough, for the rest of our lives

One day passes without happiness, we will lose one day.

One day passes with happiness, and then we gain a day.

In good spirit, sickness will cure; in a happy spirit, sickness will cure faster

Happiness will only arrive when we are ready, ‘to let everything go my dear’!

173Ariya’s contemplations 01 01 2016

6 thoughts on “New Year Resolution for Grand Parents

  1. Dear Ariya,
    Well said. Lot of deep meaning and food for thought. At the next RU— which I hope will be this year— must have a section where selected batch mates will contribute pearls of wisdom of how they spend their retirement in a useful manner. Chaired by you and not more than 5 minutes per person.
    Take care
    Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones.

    Warm regards
    Mahendra and Nimmi.


    • I agree Mahen, I am sure there will be dissent but will be a lively debate.
      Can not wait till the date and venu are fixed for the next RU
      Happy New Year To you Nimmi and the rest of your family

      With Metta


  2. The comment above was posted by me for Mahendra.
    Those of you who are “following” this blog should be able to post comments without my approval. Please click on the “follow” button on the upper right hand corner of the home page. Its that simple. Thanks Mahendra.


    • Thanks Sam. You are doing a great job by giving us to keep in contact through this web site as well. My wish is for more of our mates to use this facility to keep the spirits of RU64 going.


  3. Thank you Ariya for the Wonderful Words of Wisdom for the New Year ! I hope every one is listening and thinking !!!


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