We miss you very much “Bunty”

Bunty & Ariya



Dear Bunty Kuru, you may not see or hear

64’ Batch weeping, as heaven is far from here

Your sweet smile, charming ways and good cheer

Are etched in our hearts, we cannot forget you, my dear

We loved you a lot, you did well know

And you cherished us with love, even more

None of us, however, knew the real truth

That Angels wanted you, very much more!

Alas, our sad loss is heaven’s mighty gain

Compassion and the noble qualities humane

You rubbed on us, but we could not pay the debt

So we look at the brightest star to thank you again


4 thoughts on “We miss you very much “Bunty””

  1. Sorry indeed to hear the sad news. I have not had the privilege of meeting Bunty after graduation.
    May his soul rest in peace


  2. I communicated with Dayaneetha , Bunty’s wife to convey Piching’s and my deepest sympathies. Bunty had passed away peacefully while being surrounded by her, their kids and grand kids.


  3. It is indeed a sad occasion when when someone you know passes on. Bounty was a vey special human being,full of kindness and compassion with an engaging smile. I remember in 1974 me and Kumaraswamy went to terminal4 London Heathrow to pick up Bunty, Daya and their two boys in the middle of the night. Kurukulasuriya family was enroute to Warrington to take up a surgical registrar post arranged by his good friend Kumaraswamy.
    My deepest sympathies to Daya and the children on their sad loss. May Bunty attain Nirvana.


  4. I was shocked to hear the sad news of Dear Bunty’s demise.I was privileged to have him as my mentor at medical faculty.he also taught me almost every thing I know about Buddhism.I used to attend Bhannas,Pirith and Dhanas with him.I visited Bunty’s home in Ratmalana frequently and I was considered as a member of his family.
    Bunty was always very studious and religious , Whenever I was in Colombo I enquired about Bunty and was told he had been socialising less.Even at the RU64 I was disapointed he did not turn.Little did I know he was ill,my heartfelt condolences to his dear wife Dayaneetha ,children and Grandchildren.
    May Bunty attain Nirvan


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