Golden Reunion Musings

DSC_9801 copy A Beautiful Friendship

A candid picture would say thousand words

Will try to interpret those, in spoken English

These two buddies met, after five long decades

See the glow and happiness in both their faces

One is pretty sober and the other none has been ever sure

Comparing notes how they spent, their glorious yesteryear,

‘Machang I graduated from toddy and pol,

To Whisky Black label and Chivas Regal

 My life since has been a walk in the park, marvel’

Second MB, Third MB and the exam Final with ‘toddy and pol’

Never were easy, now imbibe in Whisky, brain cells work very well

So my advice to you, beloved pal is to follow my lead it would be swell


Yes ‘machang’ you were the ‘Guru’ we admire since ‘Block days’

Taught us how to go through a glass door severe the Ulnar nerve, no sham

Change the writing hand from right to left, brilliantly pass the 2nd MB exam

and who else could do that even with a barrel of ‘babycham’

You were the joy of the batch and were a thrilled to be with you at Bloem,

Our mentor for truancy, our source of joy, creator of mayhem

during those awful days of signatures revises and exams

You were the leading light , hence will gladly take today your advice

Ariya – RU 64 October 2014


4 thoughts on “Golden Reunion Musings

  1. Ariya, Just did the post. Your picture was embedded in the word document and couldn’t be used. I was able to get it off the RU DVD. next time send the pictures as separate attachments in jpeg format. Thanks S


    • Dear Sam,
      I owe an apology to my batch everyone
      As Seelan pointed out an error had crept in
      Exam he conquered with a severed Ulna nerve
      Was in fact third MB, so mates, I beg your pardon


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