Holiday Greetings from Deepthie

Chickadee Christmas Treats !!-IMG_8597--- Greetings -Nelun Devi



IMG_0352 - Copy-cc

HI Gunasiri !
Many thanks for the new posting – and I was glad that the folks in SL had a
little gathering .
Please post my Holiday Greetings- New Year Good wishes to the Class of
’64, on the Class News letter .
Ariya- I was wondering why you were silent- now I know- and thanks for the
little note posted today – on ‘comments ‘ on ” Update from Deepthie “.

Narme- ya -= you told me one day ” you were the only boy among the girls =
so you have to come the RU -64’ – -when I was dithering about coming or not
So, now you tell me, ” you are the only one, man enough to do a trek like
this ‘ !!!
Thanks my dear Narme- you really make me want to live a little longer, to
see you all – perhaps in 2017 .!!!

Here you are my Dear Class of ’64- Greetings to the Class of ’64- from Near
and Far !

The Nelun Devi photo- taken in A’pura- when Laki and Gita were kind enough
to take me there .
The chickadee Christmas Greetings- a ‘selfie’ taken at home the other day
.– hold the bird seed in one hand, and the camera in the other .
Practice makes Perfect !!

While I puttering around the yard, doing this crazy decorations, using some
old junkie x’mas decorations I found in an old cardboard box in the
basement, the chickadees came at me- asking for food .
I have been hand feeding them- as I cannot be bothered with bird feeders-
squirrels , chipmunks, racoons etc .
I leave some bird seed on the deck railing that the birds in the area feast

You can see part of the house, garage and the lake , and note, there is NO
snow .
Global Warming is Alive and Well in Canada …

Have a Happy Holiday Season and All the Very Best to All for 2016.
Eagledeepthie .

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