2015 in review

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Wish you all ’64 batch mates much health and happiness in the year to come.


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We miss you very much “Bunty”

Bunty & Ariya



Dear Bunty Kuru, you may not see or hear

64’ Batch weeping, as heaven is far from here

Your sweet smile, charming ways and good cheer

Are etched in our hearts, we cannot forget you, my dear

We loved you a lot, you did well know

And you cherished us with love, even more

None of us, however, knew the real truth

That Angels wanted you, very much more!

Alas, our sad loss is heaven’s mighty gain

Compassion and the noble qualities humane

You rubbed on us, but we could not pay the debt

So we look at the brightest star to thank you again


Golden Reunion Musings

DSC_9801 copy A Beautiful Friendship

A candid picture would say thousand words

Will try to interpret those, in spoken English

These two buddies met, after five long decades

See the glow and happiness in both their faces

One is pretty sober and the other none has been ever sure

Comparing notes how they spent, their glorious yesteryear,

‘Machang I graduated from toddy and pol,

To Whisky Black label and Chivas Regal

 My life since has been a walk in the park, marvel’

Second MB, Third MB and the exam Final with ‘toddy and pol’

Never were easy, now imbibe in Whisky, brain cells work very well

So my advice to you, beloved pal is to follow my lead it would be swell


Yes ‘machang’ you were the ‘Guru’ we admire since ‘Block days’

Taught us how to go through a glass door severe the Ulnar nerve, no sham

Change the writing hand from right to left, brilliantly pass the 2nd MB exam

and who else could do that even with a barrel of ‘babycham’

You were the joy of the batch and were a thrilled to be with you at Bloem,

Our mentor for truancy, our source of joy, creator of mayhem

during those awful days of signatures revises and exams

You were the leading light , hence will gladly take today your advice

Ariya – RU 64 October 2014


Holiday Greetings from Deepthie

Chickadee Christmas Treats !!-IMG_8597--- Greetings -Nelun Devi



IMG_0352 - Copy-cc

HI Gunasiri !
Many thanks for the new posting – and I was glad that the folks in SL had a
little gathering .
Please post my Holiday Greetings- New Year Good wishes to the Class of
’64, on the Class News letter .
Ariya- I was wondering why you were silent- now I know- and thanks for the
little note posted today – on ‘comments ‘ on ” Update from Deepthie “.

Narme- ya -= you told me one day ” you were the only boy among the girls =
so you have to come the RU -64’ – -when I was dithering about coming or not
So, now you tell me, ” you are the only one, man enough to do a trek like
this ‘ !!!
Thanks my dear Narme- you really make me want to live a little longer, to
see you all – perhaps in 2017 .!!!

Here you are my Dear Class of ’64- Greetings to the Class of ’64- from Near
and Far !

The Nelun Devi photo- taken in A’pura- when Laki and Gita were kind enough
to take me there .
The chickadee Christmas Greetings- a ‘selfie’ taken at home the other day
.– hold the bird seed in one hand, and the camera in the other .
Practice makes Perfect !!

While I puttering around the yard, doing this crazy decorations, using some
old junkie x’mas decorations I found in an old cardboard box in the
basement, the chickadees came at me- asking for food .
I have been hand feeding them- as I cannot be bothered with bird feeders-
squirrels , chipmunks, racoons etc .
I leave some bird seed on the deck railing that the birds in the area feast

You can see part of the house, garage and the lake , and note, there is NO
snow .
Global Warming is Alive and Well in Canada …

Have a Happy Holiday Season and All the Very Best to All for 2016.
Eagledeepthie .

Brain Drain

From: Professor Sanath P. Lamabadusuriya <sanathp.lama@gmail.com>
Date: 7 December 2015 at 13:11
Subject: Brain Drain
To: Lakshman Abeyagunawardene <adnl1102@gmail.com>
Dear Lucky ,
Please post this on our blog site

Kind regards,

Brain Drain

In the late 1950’s or early 1960’s the government decided to establish a second medical school in Peradeniya so as to solve the problem of shortage of doctors in the country. We, who sat for the “A” levels in 1960 were the beneficiaries, because the intake was increased. All those who passed in all 4 subjects were selected for Peradeniya and others like us who failed in one subject had to follow a 6 month course in the failed subject in 1961. Of the latter group some entered the Colombo Faculty and the others the Peradeniya Faculty. in 1962. As the buildings at Peradeniya were not ready it’s first batch entered late and eventually qualified in January 1967. We qualified in March 1967.
After the first Peradeniya batch completed their internship. they were informed by the MOH that employment was not available and were offered a monthly allowance and requested to attach themselves to a GP. Few months later all of them were offered jobs in the MOH. It is rather ironical that the Government which created a second medical faculty to solve the problem of shortage of doctors in the country was unable to offer employment to it’s very first batch!

That is the time we all started sitting for the ECFMG because of the uncertainty of employment in the MOH. Nearly all of us who sat for the ECFMG passed it at it’s first attempt and applied for jobs in the US. As the US had a shortage of doctors at that time, all who applied for jobs were successful. By this time the MOH was able to offer jobs for all of us.However some of our batchmates decided to emigrate. After a few months ,they wrote back saying how wonderful it is to work in the US.Most of them started in Coney Island hospital in New York.As the ‘brain drain”gathered momentum in the next few years, the government introduced a compulsory period of service for 5 years in, 1972.

So dear friends, that is how the “brain drain “all started and is still continuing although to a lesser extent

Sanath P. Lamabadusuriya