4 thoughts on “Our Man in New York with the President”

  1. Congratulations Kotta. “You walk with kings and did not loose the common touch (Your batch mates), you are a “MAN”
    (with apologies to Rudyard Kipling


  2. Hey Sam !
    Please pass this on to Kotta too .
    Thanks for the posting .

    I tried to leave a comment- it did not work for me .—so, I am writing to you –
    Anyway- I need quick lesson in SL politics – dont have a clue as to who is who in the zoo in the World of Politics

    I only know the faces of Obama , Hilary and Trump !!!!!—– and oh- and Angela Merckel of Germany , AND, the main candidates running for our general elections in 2 wks .

    Now. Who is the Pres- the guy holding the tea cup, or the other one ?
    What is his name ?

    Kotta- you look real distinguished in the photo –with the blue tie – must be ‘party colors ‘
    You have ‘aged well ‘ as they say !!!!

    Keep well !- and keep me informed !!!!


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