Please do not tell me how great you are!

1. Tell me all your gains and triumphs
Also your weaknesses and set backs
Make victories sound as much pompous
But stop short of making me bored or envious

2. Tell me all about your grown up offsprings
But not how clever they are or what they earn
Say as much of their greatness and virtues
Not forgetting their shortcomings and vices

3. Tell me about your achievements as loud as you can
Let me also hear weaknesses, mistakes and failings
Tell me all about your mansions and productive estates
But appeal you to spare me the moan over the paid prices

4. Tell me about your difficulties and problems
But please do not plan to take my whole day
Tell me of your adventures, travels and cruises
But would welcome, if you put the photos away”

5. Tell me all about your spouse and other keeps
But spare the nature and details of your fights
Please do come home for a chat and a spot of dinner
As long as you would be patient with my insipid dishes

6. Tell me about your extravagant love life
But please choose the time and the place
CertInly not when I am busy looking to park
Or when I am in a rush and trying to get back

7. Tell me about your siblings and parents
Whether or not they are healthy and alive,
But not how they ruined chances of your love
When you were way over the hill, at fifty five

8. Please talk as much about the prevailing weather
Grateful if you cut gossip about my friends, very dear
Tell me how generous and disciplined you are
But not a lecture on the greatness of your mentor

9. Tell me how lucky you have been in life
But be a tad sensitive of my wretched life
Praise your God or parents for been on your side
Bearing in mind that all are not equally fortunate



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