Update from Deepthi

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I just returned from a great expedition trip to
the Canadian Sub Arctic – Northern Newfoundland and Labrador-
Met up with Indira and Ananda on the way- spend two days with them- before
I boarded the ship at St Johns’ Newfoundland- for the 13 day adventure .

It was a great experience to trek in that wet soft boggy tundra of the
Torngat Mountain National Park- with ” Mr Google ” mapping our trek .
Google sent a Rep to map the area we were trekking .

Here are a few pics of that adventure – enjoy !
Deepthi1 copy Deepthi2 Deepthi3-3 Deepthi4

7 thoughts on “Update from Deepthi

  1. Dear Deepthie, You seem to have had a fantastic time. No wonder I did not get a reply from you. Keep enjoying yourself life is too short 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


    • I agree with you Swarna 😊😊😊😊. I wonder how Deepthie has all this energy. Spoke to her today and enjoyed listening to her account of the whole trip.


  2. Dear Deepthie,
    What is your next adventure be?
    It is nice to see at least you are living our dream.

    Hope you will continue to have energy and stamina to see in this world
    Extravagantly Beautiful and remote places exotic plants and of course birds
    You are named aptly too, an eagle has the best aerial view none else can view
    Enjoy your life lass, rest of us can only admire, you got strength and stamina to do


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