To fuel my Ego – Ariya




For my desire to live – and fuel my EGO

NO other reason every day I swallow a Rainbow


I am pretty old, passed the sell by date and legs are bent and bow

My Body is broken in so many places, back is hurting, yet has my ego!

To keep it going, I do not know for whose sake, try to prolong I do

Without fail, daily swallow pills, colours of a complete ‘Rainbow

The violet pill, religiously do take, first thing in the morning

To keep my ticker without missing a beat, harmoniously beating

Two tablets which I hate to take, but must do, of colour indigo

Just to keep me sufficiently dry and avoid rush in the night to the loo

The blue pill made by Pfizer, pop in the mouth, since reaching sixty,

Out of affection to make my darling wife happy, contended and jolly

Green pill is a life saver stops my horrible cough, sneeze and the wheeze

Since I started it, allergy and asthma gone, at least can breathe in peace

The capsule yellow, I daily swallow to keep my memory alive

Orange pill is a must to take to minimize hands and feet shake

And it also help to steady my gait so I can walk and be tactile

The red pill, prevents gallstones and improves the flow of bile

                                          Ariya                                                173

Food For Thought, by Ariya



To thrive in life one needs to be smart

One needs to know, the law of cause and effect

If we overlook the effects of our thoughts, speech or actions

We will set forth our ways wrong

Say wrong and certainly will do wrong

For every effect there is a cause

The law of cause and effect,

Is similar to sowing and reaping

Laws of sowing and reaping are universal

One must have the desire to sow first

Desire, thus is the starting point

Desire we know, is mind made

What one thinks, so one will reap

If you sow good quality potatoes

You will reap a good harvest of potatoes

Similarly the quality of your thoughts

Determines the quality of your words and deeds

You are judged in the society

By your words and deeds

As in both these instances

Good or bad depend on thoughts

You must sow before you reap

Thus you must give, before you get

Fire place will not give heat

Unless you put fuel first

A great ill in the society

Is the fact that some do expect

To get before giving

It does not work this way

Rather than looking inwards

For their failure or the loss

Most do tend to find faults

With the system or the society

You cannot pass an exam, by luck

You must put in the hard work

Blaming the fate or ill luck

Is it not the habit of the lazy flock?

You sow a thought, you reap an action

You sow an action, you reap a habit

You sow a habit, you reap a character

Your character will brand you,

A devil or angel, all started with a thought

Dear batch mates, it must be my good deeds

Done somewhere in my distant past

Made it possible for me to be a part of the ‘64 batch

To spend five years amongst mates of profound thoughts

Unselfish deeds and endearing words.

They say every action has a reaction

Happiness and Health do not just come

Remember, life is never a bed of roses

Ardently we have to work for it, my friend!

                                        173                            Ariya

Update from Deepthi

IMG_0352 - Copy-cc






I just returned from a great expedition trip to
the Canadian Sub Arctic – Northern Newfoundland and Labrador-
Met up with Indira and Ananda on the way- spend two days with them- before
I boarded the ship at St Johns’ Newfoundland- for the 13 day adventure .

It was a great experience to trek in that wet soft boggy tundra of the
Torngat Mountain National Park- with ” Mr Google ” mapping our trek .
Google sent a Rep to map the area we were trekking .

Here are a few pics of that adventure – enjoy !
Deepthi1 copy Deepthi2 Deepthi3-3 Deepthi4