“Kellas” from the sixties – by Deepthie Rajapakse

  Looking a lot better than the “Kollas”! IMG_0352 - Copy-cc

A Pompous Lady (Ariya’s Thoughts about an old “friend”)


1. Had an old friend visiting after few decades, our tiny home

   With his beautifully decorated wife of upmarket, impeccable charm

   She did try hard to indicate to me their well-to-do status

   See how she almost succeeded, using her well-chosen phrases

2. ‘Oh, what a darling petite,

   Fine little house you got You have found yourself

   A lovely little slot’

3. She meant theirs is a mansion,

   Well above our level Reflecting her mammon,

   Emphasizing  we are not her equal

4. ‘This sitting room is ever so sweet,

Uncluttered and charming,

All your things are nicely fitted in,

And the ambience is calming’

5. She means, she has a bigger space,

Studded with many stuff Our thread bear survival,

she has understood But happy to bluff

6. Well, who wants all that space like us?

Our drawing room drives me to tears.

I cannot do the cleaning alone anymore

Dusting off twenty chandeliers is no joke!

7. Two charming cosy bed rooms Perfect!

All one needs, I pray

I hate when my husband’s office crowd

Come to our house to stay

8. Their large hospitable house

Frequently visited by many

And probably half the world do assemble

There on Christmas Day! 

9. ‘You’ve even brought your old TV

And it is so appealing I like antiquity

And who needs a flat screen anyway?

10. She means that she has quite a few Modern ‘boxes for viewing’

And long ago the ones like mine,

Had been chucked away

11. ‘Oh, look, a little patio,

It is perfect for a cook on a spit

It is so close to the lounge

You can easily be in and out

12. That means their estate is huge,

And also has a splendid view

Ours has been scarcely used;

She is sociable and we are the contrast

13. ‘Downsizing is such a clever move,

I also admire your bravery’

She means she’d hate to do the same

And could not stand to live like us.

14. Indirectly asking how we manage

To live in this rabbit den

Her possessions are so vast and valuable

Needing an ‘A grade mansion’

15. ‘You have cleverly used your back garden,

Few fruit trees too, nicely tucked in

Must steal a few ideas of saving the lawn,

To my gardener who eternally complain’

16. Again spelling out the enormity of her house

And the garden reflecting the affluence

Being able to keep her own gardener

Showing their high class and the depth of their purse!

17. It was lovely, my affluent old mates

And their well-heeled spouses

When met me in the RU 64,

Did not try to show their high classes

18. They were magnanimous enough to overlook

Visible scars of my harsh struggle

And showed compassion and delicacy

Knowing, my life had not been a doddle