Ariya is happy to be old!

Sam, My clever bosom pal,

Your web site has enabled  many mates to read my poetry

However, some had made them sad, For which I am really sorry

Please publish Verses below will cheer them immensely


I am now probably for the first time

In my life is care free

And become the person,

I have always wanted to be


Oh, No, not the man in the mirror

With baggy eyes, wrinkles

A pot belly and a sagging butt,

Like a lemon propped on two sticks!


I certainly do not agonize

Or lament over my looks for long

As I now have, an amazing,

Beautiful life to prolong  


 I would never trade

My rich experiences or my friends

For more hair on scalp or a flatter tummy

Nor to look amazingly young


I’ve learnt to let go things easily,

And no fuss over mistakes

Whether it is mine or others

And forgiving has crept into my life  


A much kinder being, I’ve become to self,

Friends and foes alike

Surprisingly much less critical

And become an easy being to please


  I do not curse myself for eating

That extra piece of cake

I do not care,if I did not make my bed,

When not feeling fit


  I have earned the right to be messy,

Deaf, dizzy and confused

No routines and nothing is done

Till my mind is ready for it


I am sad many of my good friends

And loved ones have left the world

Far too early before they could

Enjoy freedom, privileges and joy



The care free life,

Great feeling of being in charge of my universe

Which is given on a plate,

The earned right, for us the golden oldies  


Oh, no, I am not demented or confused,

My mental faculties are fine

Getting old is the best thing that can happen,

Similarly to good wine  


Whose, business is it,

If I choose to play a computer game

Through the night

I do not need to answer

For delaying my bed time,

Watching a juicy porn film


  I am the undisputed monarch

And the owner of all I survey

Dance to yester tunes uncared

Of missing steps or my sway


I have the right to weep thinking of affairs

Which broke my heart

As well to smile over jolly things,

Surreptitiously done in the past


  I can walk in a swim suit,not bothered of the eyes

Gazing at my gaunt wiry body

Enjoy the bulging flesh of beauties around,

All my senses for that are trained and ready

  Take a dive into the waves in the open sea,

Ignoring pitying glances from the jet set

They too will get old one day,

I have a chuckle and enjoy the freedom, today I got


  A comedian once said, when a man gets old,

He will lose two things

One is the memory and the second,

‘Oh sugar’, I knew it, but I forgot  


It does not matter I can always remember

Things, close to my heart

Why should I bother, no one is waiting

And none is there to listen.


Though my heart was broken many a time

And I am grateful for the memory loss

I am sure confusion is a God gift

For the golden oldies to live the life with less fuss


The broken hearts and sadness endured

Has given me the strength to understand

The impermanence of compound things

And nothing in life remains unchanged  


I like to look at the bright side and enjoy my time,

Must remain optimistic and have a laugh

I am so blessed to have lived a long life

And should not be depressed or pathetic  

I have seen my hair turn grey and fall,

My youthful laughs etched grooves on face

So many of my friends, who never laughed

Died with smooth faces and cheeks  


As one gets older, it is easy to cope with change

As I have lived through them

Our attitude should be positive and forgiving

And I for one adore the person, who I am  

  I will not waste my time or cloud my mind,

As I know that I have the right to be wrong

Consider my changes of old age are trophies,

I’ve earned for a prolonged jolly good living  


Ariya’s Contemplations


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