“An Hour Glass Shape” By Ariya

For most women, I know  today,   their body shape is very wrong                                                                                                        If little plum, a  cause for great concern

If felt too thin, they would urgently want

to put in the right places, bit of flesh on

If they are slightly rounded they are sad

and in puerile stances, eternally moan

starvation diets and calorie counts on

Spend half their lives and earnings for the gym

Become moody and want to be skeleton thin!

In anger or just for fun, if call them,

Using a foul or unbearable name

With a smile they will take them

But if you even accidentally say ‘fat’

it would be the crime, horrendous most

From that unmistakable moment onwards

no mirror is spared at home or anywhere else

Glancing at every angle will be the focus of life

The relationship with you would face irrevocable change

She will highlight your  bold patch

your occasional failure in bed

Become the target for her constant stare

And from then onwards you are not her friend

Breakfast egg over boiled, toast burnt, the tea will be cold

She will hurriedly withdraw all past tender care

Nothing you may say or do will help the bugbear

Will make no difference, the bitterness will be there

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia

Are new terms now used quite often

These are results from aberrations

of attitudes by wanting to be thin

The beauty industries, and the role models

have indoctrinated our vulnerable women

The importance of the hour glass body shape

and being fat’ is an unpardonable crime

A doll like face and vital statistic

thirty six, twenty four and thirty six

You cannot possibly maintain when

one has well passed age thirty six

Natural changes, wrinkling and sagging

if you ever try to point them out

Your life will not be worth living,

And soon be relegated to the dustbin

The great  Victorians however

knew and had the correct answer

Frisky aristocrat women with faces

decorated like painted dolls

Wore under their flowing skirts

a rigid bamboo cones enhancing the pelvis

Their waists then deceptively appeared thin

The shape of hour glass was achieved by everyone

The  dirty old  men drunk, running like jackasses

pinching bulging bottoms of high spirited lasses

They had a remedy to hide their bold patches

All had their scalps covered with great big wigs

Mimicking natural flocks with profound black curls

Lack of sex drive, potency or libido

Was  not a great worrying  issue at all

As gallons of gulped Rum made useless

All of them with no sexual prowess


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