Ariya’s Contemplations

 Please do not take my smile away


              When I was a child, I wrote a tiny poem

               It is not of high class nor does it rhyme,

               I feel it has an appropriate perfect meaning

              More so now, as I am elderly and feeble.


Do not estimate the worth of your garden,

By the number of fragrant blooming, flowers,

Check the aging and dying leaves, brown and yellow

Which fed the plant in the past, to flourish and grow.


Wrong to count as good times exclusively the sunny hours,

Should never forget the dark days, raining cats and dogs

As rain nourished your plot to make your paddy grow

So that you have rice on the plate to help yourself grow


Enjoy properly your nights not just admiring the moon

Or counting the stars in the sky when the moon is gone

Certainly the darkness of the night does have a role to play

The calmness allows you to rest, to be fit for the next day


  Assess your life as worthy by times you’ve made friends smile

   Must take away from that list’ hours you’ve made them cry

    Never regret for what had gone, make it a useful tool to learn

     The one who learns from mistakes is the one who uses his brain.

      Whatever the big position you may now hold

      Remember none of us did it all alone

      Our parents who now are old and haggard,

       Fed and guided us to what we are, right or wrong!

     One’s old friends, specially the batch mates

      Are truly the architects of the professional life

       They were there consistently advising and sharing

        The tough swim upstream to imbibe gems

         From the ‘ocean of knowledge’ to make us special

      By not publishing this  poem

      Please do not take my smile away.

       If you do not want to see me sad

       Put this in your RU website, esteem



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