Is it the end of the pandemic.?Are we winning.?

Hi Colleagues,

This interesting graph from the Economist is very reassuring for now.I think we have had enough of this pandemic and it is time we look forward to a new season with hope.Some of you have had the the two doses of the vaccine and should be ready for the dawn of a new era as we welcome and share our traditional new year greetings.With best wishes for the New year and continuing good health in the years to come. Eddie.

Wish you a wonderful Easter

Walking over the cold frozen land,
On snow flakes, fallen  & hardened
As winter sun struggles to usher rays
I am reminded of great  times we had

Along the towering woodland glens
Amongst the newly borne mischievous lambs 
When I do brave through the winter chill here
Heart warms, thinking of my great, good friends

Seated at the foot of a  leafless tree,
I was thinking of the  youth fearless and free
When gazed over the snow filled valley below 
The flashes of the good old days came through

Fluttering its colourful wings, 
Streaked in, a busy, tiny bird
Singing melodious Spring songs
Just to remind carefree, gentle youth

Butterflies in striking designs
Just born out of their rough cocoons
In a great hurry Flapping brand new wings 
Remind care free youth, so immensely joyous

From every nook & corner here
Melodies of Spring is all I hear
Bring back  our sweet times together
Of Spring of our lives, friends, my dear

Ariya De Silva

Happy Easter!

“Dompe Aaya”

There  seems to be an eerie silence from all our friends across the world . So I am forwarding this Baila that was sent to me to awaken everybody 

Dear all
We were promised that we would be able to keep our old landline phone number but Virgin Media messed up our Broadband package and now we have a different  number. This is
+441246 625228
Other mobile numbers remain the same . Cheers.
Praxy and Ranjith

The Cicret Bracelet

Just when you didn’t think they could come up with anything cooler!

The Cicret Bracelet!

 What will technology come up with next?  

Look what they have developed in ISRAEL.  

Forget everything you think technology can do… 

3-D printers, for example. This goes way beyond that!  

This will be available next year and it’s waterproof too. 

There are those of us who can’t even operate today’s simple cell phones … now this!

Shared by Sam