Dharma deals with Corona!

Just for you to smile🙂. I thought you may enjoy moments(?) of my insanity. I enjoyed making it!!
“If you cannot beat it, join it ” . Enjoy it. This is my way of dealing with “Corona”

“More than one way to skin a cat” ( cat lovers, I didn’t mean it literally)!CHEERS!!!!!!!🙂 YOU have one for me!For those concerned about my well being, NO, CORONA has not made me an ALCOHOLIC! The bottles are “props”. Left over from socially distanced outdoor gathering for 5 close friends with masks (except for eating and drinking). I allow no more than 2 of thesefor myself, that too once or twice a week. Only a few brain cells remain, and I don’t wish to destroy them. However,Need some alcohol as therapy for my “Broken” heart.Thanks to  son Joel aka Joe, for the photography with Iphone

dharma A

Something different.For the next generation.


Hi Colleagues, On my last visit to Colombo , I saw this taking shape.This clip brings it all to real life.It is expected to be completed in 2041, so it is not for us.!.Is this the Utopia that Sri Lankans are dreaming of.?I only hope that they will not be disappointed. In this rapidly changing world twenty years is far too long to predict what the future holds.Que Sera, sera.! Eddie.

We hear your heartfelt words Mr Luxman Perera.Why can’t we have more of you.?

Hi Colleagues, A friend shared this clip with me and I think that the message is clear and worth hearing again and again.As I have often shared my view , racism begins at home.The only antidote is a proper education.We can boast about literacy but literacy and a good education are poles apart.It is the 21st century, for God’s sake, why can’t we do better?.It is frustrating to say the least.Listen and reflect and share your views.Eddie.