Who Am I?

Contrary to my illusive thoughts of ownership,

For making ‘I’, from me no contribution or helpBirth, hunger, growth, anger, happiness, ageingAnd even desires and guilts, I am not controlling

A male with a female cell did combine,Securely at right warmth in making meThere wasn’t anything I did, in that gameThough proudly identify, saying, it is ‘Me’

To cry when born, to get a breath of fresh air,I did nothing, a wired apparatus, ‘not the heir’Hunger pains signalling from brain make me crySeeking milk and warmth, as well to remain dry

Providence of nutrients, called the ‘kabalinkahara,Contact, passahara, thoughts, manosancetenaharaNourishments, right direction and drive, VinnaharaGifted by nature, certainly no input, I’m not the giver

From birth, up to the point of departure, from this world,For an iota of food even, not the maker, but plants & animalsA parasitic consumer, all had come from outside sources,Still keep mouth open to grab and consume, awaiting chances

To focus attention to a sensual object or a being,Thoughts do flow making me a puppet on a stringA false sense inserted in mind, as the ‘Lord & Master’Bestowed a desire to be protected, till genes do transfer

Even the hunger nor the thirst is under my control,Nature made my organs, how to respond, it does all Desires, even, raging anger, respond to nature’s callWhen & how to die, programmed to obey, I’m just a fool

Exemplary pioneer evolutionist, Sir Charles DarwinCame out with his theory linking Amoeba as my kinUnderstanding process of beings’ natural selection Though lives on tree top, monkey became a cousin

My assigned job by ‘nature’ is to continue gene poolWhen completed, though I still want to cling like a foolAgeing and illness will lead to demise, without my controlAm I different from a plant or from even a beastly animal?

Like to ask here a pertinent questionwhat is self and who does the thinking?Isn’t it a highly sophisticated illusion,Maintained by a complicated neural connection?

The misconception, however does not end thereTo survive must avoid sickness and danger, scareWhen faced with fear due to the vulgarities of natureWe learnt to build weapons to overcome every creature
Dr Ariya De Silva

Best Wishes to Lakshman!

Happy birthday dear friend,  Lakshman,

It is with great joy do reminisce our friendship
It is with great pleasure we recall, your every help
On this precious day you were born, just a few moons ago
Fondly reminisce input to us & world, by a man with no Ego  

May you have good health and happiness always
Abundance of energy& strength for many long years
You are a blessing not merely to kith and kin but to the world
Do thrive amidst your loved ones having a long cherished spell

Ariya and Thavam